Terms & Conditions


This web page is related to the terms and conditions of Alto Giro Shoes. These can be changed at any time, and subsequently updated and published on this page of the website. Once updated, the website and orders will then be governed by the terms and conditions in force. Being that it is your responsibility and obligation to accept them in advance before submitting an order and registration on the website.

The following Terms and Conditions govern the sale of the products presented on this website by:

- EMPATIA E INSPIRAÇÃO FOTOGRAFIA UNIPESSOAL LDA is identified by the brand "Alto Giro"
- Headquarters: Edifício Corgalta Av. Eng. Arantes e Oliveira, nº 896, loja 29 3700-312 São João da Madeira  
- Cell: +351 256 130 605   
- Email: geral@altogiroshoes.com  
- Website: https://www.altogiroshoes.com

These Terms & Conditions (together with the rules of personal data management) establish the conditions that determine the use of this website and regulate the conditions of the process of purchase of products in it, being accessible at all times in this website.



2.Personal Information

(I). To place an order on the AltoGiroShoes.com website, a registration is necessary. For your registration on the website AltoGiroShoes.com, among others, you must provide an email contact and a password. Being that it is of its total responsibility all the log ins, and carried out transactions beset to the after mentioned information. It is also your responsibility to keep your site access data secure and not to share it. Please note that if your website access data is compromised, you should change them immediately.

(II). If any of your data / information changes, such as the e-mail address, NIB, postal code or other information pertinent to the execution of the order, you must inform Alto Giro Shoes, via e-mail address, geral@altogiroshoes.com, or through the contact section of this website. In addition, you can update your data at any time by accessing the client area, your account within the AltoGiroShoes website and updating the information you want.

(III). The mandatory data provided for your registration of a new account are signed (with a *), and are:

   - Name  
   - Adress 
   - E-mail
   - Telephone
   - Password
   - Postal Code

(IV). To learn more about how your personal information is handled we advise you to carefully read our section on the data protection website, available at http://www.altogiroshoes.com/pt/protecao-de-dados.



3.Contract Terms

To place an order within the AltoGiroShoes.com website you need to register on the site as mentioned above. Then you should follow the following steps to carry out an order.

(I). Once you have filled in the form with all the information referred to in point 2 you must select a product inside the site, using the online store http://www.altogiroshoes.com/en/store, inside the "store" tab, in the top menu of this website page.

(II). Once selected the desired product you should define the number, color and quantity of the desired product, followed by the selection of the "buy" option on the product page.

(III). Your product will be then introduced in the "shopping cart", which can be accessed through the icon in the upper right corner. Where you should use the option "confirm order"

(IV). Subsequently you must rectify the information for the billing data and delivery address, define the desired delivery method and also write any desired additional information. Follow by the "confirm delivery method" option.

(V). You should then select the payment method for the product and click on the "Select Payment Method" option. The order placed is protected by the terms & conditions defined in point 1.

(VI). Finally, you must rectify all provided information and values, finalizing the order in the "Finalize Order" option.

(VII). Products sold by Alto Giro Shoes are provided for your personal use only. By purchasing them you agree not to use the products for commercial use, business or resale. You still agree that you will not export or re-export.

The receipt of the purchase will be sent in printed form along with your order.

In case of difficulties with your order, you can always contact Alto Giro Shoes through our contact: +351 256 130 605.



4.Contract Restriction

If the order made is not performed by a business entity, you may terminate the contract according to certain stipulations, as follows:

(I).The product cancelation can be made at any time until the moment you receive a notification from Alto Giro Shoes notifying you about your order beeing processing. It should be noted that this cancellation is not subject to fines. 

(II). In case your order is beeign processed, you will not be able to cancel it, never the less you are free to return the product.

(III). In the event that your order is delayed beyond that stipulated, you may cancel the order and expect a full refund for order value you made.



5.Product Availability

All orders you can make through the Alto Giro Shoes website are subject to product availability. Therefore, in the event of any impediment to the supply due to a lack of stock, Alto Giro Shoes will inform you of the unavailability, by E-mail, and you will be reimbursed of the entire amount paid, at a maximum of thirty (30) business days.



6.Prices and Shipping Fees

The displayed prices of the products on the website AltoGiroShoes.com are the final prices of the order, including VAT, at the time the order is made, excluding the prices related to transport costs that are subsequently added to the order value. However at the end of each order you will be properly informed of all the expenses of your order, including the price of the product, taxes, shipping costs or shipping fees or any other additional costs.

The transportation costs will be added to the order as indicated on the website and following the selected shipping method.

The prices shown are regulated by the Euro currency

In addition, Alto Giro Shoes reserves the right to change the prices of products and other expenses at any time. However, it does not interfere with orders already completed at the date of change of values ??on the website. 




At the end of your purchase, you will need to opt for a payment method. To this date, the methods of payment accepted by the Alto Giro Shoes are through Paypal or through ATM.

Orders are processed based on the currency of the country your purchase is placed, therefor there may be exchange rates if your bank account is in another currency. However these fees are determined by the Bank or Paypal and not by Alto Giro Shoes.

(I). Paypal

If you choose the Paypal payment method, you must have a previous account and the payment is made in a separate window. 


When choosing payment via ATM, at the end of the purchase you will receive a notification with IBAN and NIB of the company and respective amount to be payed. You should then go to an ATM and transfer via the transfer option. You should then rectify all the information values ??and carry out the transaction.

Once the transaction is completed you will receive an email validating your transaction.

Payment must be made within 48 hours of receiving the email, validating you order, in your email account.




The products presented on the website are available for a worldwide delivery. No shipments are made to apartments. 

All orders will be delivered to the address that you specified for delivery when you placed your order.

Orders will only be sent after confirming the availability of the stock and confirmation of the payment, being sent by companies that are partners of Alto Giro Shoes, namely CTT who will handle the delivery of your order .

You can find more information about these companies by consulting the following links: http://www.ctt.pt.

Alto Giro Shoes has the following shipping methods:     

- Continental Portugal  

Regular Delivery : 6,75€ 

Delivery within 24h within 2kg : 7,26€

Delivery within 24h within 10kg : 13,81€  

Delivery within 24h within 20kg : 27,15€  

Delivery within 24h within 30kg : 30,10€  

- Açores e Madeira  

Regular Delivery : 6,75€

- Spain  

Regular Delivery : 8,30€

- Europe  

Regular Delivery (up too 2 days) : 60,43€

Regular Delivery (up too 4 days) : 30,47€

- Rest of the world

Regular Delivery (up too2 days) : 78,24€

The values ??indicated above will be presented to you at the time of choosing the shipping method, whose values will then be added to the final order and clearly and accurately indicated.

Alto Giro Shoes commits itself to make the best of efforts to comply with the delivery of the order within 2-3 business days to Continental Portugal, upon receiving the payment of the order, and respecting the schedules of the carrier. It should also be noted that orders will be sent to you only on business days.

Please note that if Alto Giro Shoes is unable to comply with the delivery due to circumstances beyond its control, designated as "Force Majeure", pursuant to item 9. Alto Giro Shoes is not responsible for any failure, damage or delay in delivery of the order.

If Alto Giro Shoes is unable to place the order within the stipulated time, we will inform you by electronic mail. You can then cancel the order as given in section 4, or set a new delivery date for your order. 



9.Right to Return

In the event that the delivery of the order becomes impossible, for reasons beyond the control of the Alto Giro Shoes or to the carrier, a notice of withdrawal in the CTT branches will be sent to you via e-mail or by telephone, using the information on the provided. 

If for any reason you wish to return a product, you may do so freely, without penalty and without need of justification, within a period of 90 (ninety) days from the day following the day on which the Alto Giro Shoes delivered you directly or to a third party indicated by him, other than the carrier, the order.

In order to exercise its right of free termination of the contract, it must communicate to the High Giro the intention by means of an unequivocal declaration of termination of the contract, being able to use one of the following contacts:     

- Adress:  Avenida Engenheiro Arantes e Oliveira, nº896 loja 29

- 3700-312 São João da Madeira

- Tel.: +351 256 130 605

- Email: geral@altogiroshoes.com; 

The return of the order can be made: 

At CTT stores, the return of the order must be made within a maximum period of 90 (ninety) days from the date on which you are notified your decision to Alto Giro Shoes. 

The shipping fees will be borne by the customer, and it is estimated that the shipment represents a maximum of € 10.00 (ten euros).

For other countries, shipping costs are borne by the customer, estimated to be approximately € 17.00 (seventeen euros). You must keep and present the receipt of your purchase when you return it, keep the product so that it can be returned in proper conditions of use, not to exceed the handling that is usually admitted in a commercial establishment, intact, labeled and in the original packaging .     

Alto Giro Shoes will refund the amount of the returned product without undue delay and within a maximum period of 90 (ninety) days from the date on which Alto Giro Shoes was informed of your decision to terminate the contract,Alto Giro Shoes will keep the refundo until it proves the return of the goods. 

Refunds made by Alto Giro Shoes are made by the same means of payment as the initial transaction.

Alto Giro Shoes may cancel any order or accept a confirmed order in case of a technical error and / or an error in the prices or any information on the products that are on the web page when the order is placed. Alto Giro Shoes will fully refund the amounts paid.



10.Variations that should not be considered defects

Alto Giro Shoes works with natural products, produced through artisan processes, with specifications of manufacture. As such certain variations in texture, color, interwoven knots among others, are not considered defects, but rather characteristic of their unique manufacturing process.




All present contents, trademarks, contents provided by the website, such as images, texts or any other form of information, are protected under copyright, these are properties of Alto Giro Shoes and associated, being the use of any material of intellectual property is expressly prohibited. Being that its use requires the express authorization, of competent elements of Alto Giro Shoes and previous contact via e-mail through the address: geral@altogiroshoes.com.  

Please note that, if necessary, you are free to copy information from the website for the purpose of ordering, contact or contract data.




In the event of any claim or displeasure, Alto Giro Shoes has a complaints service in order to respond to your needs. In this way, if you have any complaints or conflicts that need to be resolved, please use our customer service, sending an e-mail through the contact menu option, or through the e-mail address: geral@altagiro.pt




Any and all questions regarding the interpretation, defaults, validity or application of the terms and conditions present in the site altogiroshoes.com, are subject to the competent Portuguese courts. In the same way any non-compliance will be applicable to Portuguese law.



14.Website Links

Alto Giro Shoes on its website altosgiroshoes.com, has links that direct you to third-party web pages. However, Alto Giro Shoes has no responsibility or control for the material provided by the holders of the mentioned web pages. In this way the Alto Giro Shoes can not be imputed any responsibility for damages or losses related to the use of the information coming from them.



15.Integral Agreement

These terms and conditions, together with the current prices of Alto Giro Shoes website, delivery details and contact details, establish our agreement regarding the supply of goods to you by Alto Giro Shoes. These terms and conditions can not be changed except in writing and signed by a director of Alto Giro Shoes.

In particular, nothing said by any sales person on behalf of Alto Giro Shoes should be understood as a variation of these terms and conditions, or as an authorized representation on the nature or quality of products offered for sale by Alto Giro Shoes. Alto Giro Shoes shall have no liability for any representation as being false or misleading.



16.Costumer Comunication

The applicable legislation requires that the information or notifications sent, be made through written text. So when using the website altogiroshoes.com, you accept that the notifications are sent to by electronic mail.

You further agree to use this means of communication and are aware that all information, notifications and contracts are carried out by electronic mail and that it satisfies the legal requirements for that said notifications.

For any resolution of any doubt or additional information, you can use the contact section, present in the link of the superior menu of the website, or send an e-mail to: geral@altogiroshoes.com