More than a brand, we are an IDEA, and we build our path with the commitment to always deliver the best QUALITY!

About Us

Alto Giro is a new Portuguese brand founded in June 2017. Located in the northen region of Portugal, has a wide experience in inovating woman, men and children wear.

The inspiration for our creations drives from different sources such as, trending fashions, history, culture, art, music, cultural events), even though our main drive is the market. The market reflects the moment we live in and what you, our costumer is in search!

All of our operation is thoroughly organised, with our materials beeing chosen with most care and attention to detail. All of our components are  then watched under a close eye during the manufacturing process in order to deliver the best quality and confort. 

We also apply in our shoe lines traditional techniques, and exemple of that is our interlaced design in ou Plus Line.